Montego Turned Leg Rectangular Table

montego turned leg rectangular table

  • Denoting or shaped like a rectangle

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montego turned leg rectangular table - Ellis Curtain

Ellis Curtain Montego Stripe Tie-Up Valance Window Curtain, Black

Ellis Curtain Montego Stripe Tie-Up Valance Window Curtain, Black

Montego Stripe Tie-Up Valance--Stripes can change the look and feel of any room or space in your home. Stripe patterns that use tones from the same color family create a crisp visual interest that coordinates wonderfully with solid colors and many contrasting patterns. The Montego Stripe is a small scale multi colored vertically-oriented stripe pattern that draw the eyes up, and create the illusion of more height in the room. The soft 100% cotton duck fabric creates a softer texture and smoother draping effect that some times can't be achieved with inferior synthetic fabrics. The Tie-Up Valance is one piece valance with two strap ties sewn into a decorative 3 inch rod pocket for easy hanging. Length is measured overall 24-inch from header top to bottom of panel; width is measured overall 60-inch. The Montego Stripe Tie-Up Valance can be combined with matching Montego Stripe Tailored Pair of Drape Panels and Tailored Tier Curtains that are available thru Amazon. Also available, matching Toss Pillows, 3 piece Lined Swag Curtain Set, Shower Curtain, Bed Comforters and Shams in all sizes. Made in the USA, Dry clean only

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Montego Bay beach

Montego Bay beach

Montego Bay - Jamaica

Em dia de chuva e frio um pouco de Sol:):)

Montego Bay

Montego Bay

Montego Bay in West Wendover, Nevada

montego turned leg rectangular table

montego turned leg rectangular table

Texsport Montego Bay Hammock

Ever since we introduced the Padre Island® Hammock, almost 25 years ago, we have been committed to continually offering quality hammocks and stands at affordable prices.

Texsport offers a wide array of outdoor products, but the company is particularly well-known for its hammocks. Its first model, the Padre Island, was released nearly 25 years ago, and Texsport continues to produce durable, comfortable options for lovers of outdoor relaxation.
The Montego Bay measures 31-by-110 inches (W x D) overall, with a 30-by-80-inch (W x D) sleeping surface and 225-pound weight limit. It's lightweight despite its durable knitted polypropylene rope construction, high-impact plastic spreader bars, and metal suspension rings.

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Resin Coffee Tables

resin coffee tables

    coffee tables
  • A low table, typically placed in front of a sofa

  • While any small and low table can be, and is, called a coffee table, the term is applied particularly to the sets of three or four tables made from about 1790; of which the latter were called 'quartetto tables'.

  • Resin is a 2001 film and the 23rd film produced under the terms and conditions of the Danish film collaborative, Dogme 95.

  • Rub or treat with resin

  • any of a class of solid or semisolid viscous substances obtained either as exudations from certain plants or prepared by polymerization of simple molecules

  • Resin is a hydrocarbon secretion of many plants, particularly coniferous trees. It is valued for its chemical properties and associated uses, such as the production of varnishes, adhesives, and food glazing agents; as an important source of raw materials for organic synthesis; and as

resin coffee tables - Oakland Living

Oakland Living Resin Wicker Coffee Table

Oakland Living Resin Wicker Coffee Table

Our all weather resin wicker coffee tables are the perfect edition to any setting. Adds beauty, style and functionality to your home, garden or back yard patio. Ideal for indoors or out. This set is made of all weather resin wicker and has a steel frame. Frame features a hardened powder coat finish for years of beauty.Features:Durable Resin Wicker and Steel Frame ConstructionNatural Color for Years of BeautyEasy to Follow Assembly Instructions and Product Care InformationStainless Steel or Brass Assembly HardwareFade, Chip and Crack ResistantSome Assembly Required1 Year Limited Manufacturers WarrantyOther Items Available in CollectionSpecifications:Weight: 26 lbsH 18 x W 29 x D 17.5 inchesWarranty: 1 Year Limited Care Instructions: We recommend that the products be covered to protect them when not in use. To preserve the beauty and finish of the metal products, we recommend applying an epoxy clear coat once a year. However, because of the nature of iron it will eventually rust when exposed to the elements. Warranty Details: All products produced and distributed by Oakland Living Corporation are warranted against material defects for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase. Any defective part will be repaired or replaced free of charge to the consumer. Cast aluminum and iron components as well as wooden slats are warranted against breakage or structural failure during normal use of the product. Products that contain glass and or other fragile components are not covered after delivery. Commercial use of the product voids this warranty. "Acts of God", abuse, neglect or lack of reasonable maintenance of the product is not covered under this warranty. Damage incurred during shipment is the responsibility of the carrier. Please inspect product at time of delivery to ensure no damage is present. Cast iron products will eventually rust when exposed to the elements. We recommend the products be covered to protect them when not in use, especially

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Bruce Schuettinger, The Bridge Table

Bruce Schuettinger, The Bridge Table

The coffee style table is entitled “The Bridge Table” and it is constructed from Cocobolo (Dalbergia retusa) and CNC machined 6061 brushed aluminum. The table measures 53.65” side to side, 15.75” front to back, and 20.75” height. The wood is coated with 5 coats of Watco oil modified with a phenolic resin and the aluminum is coated with a clear high gloss industrial acrylic coating. The sides are joined to the top with hand cut dovetails in a specifically designed pattern to add strength to the joint of the two book matched edge glued boards forming the top and sides and for the patterns visual appeal. The aluminum cross brace is tenoned through the sides and is wedge with Cocobolo wedges in slots cut into the aluminum, which are pre-bent. The machined aluminum feet are actually levelers which can be adjusted to account for uneven floors.

The design was formulated from viewing bridges from a distance particularly the George Washington Bridge from the upper floors of Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in Manhattan. The materials were chosen for the contrast of hardened metal and natural wood as well as the color difference between the lighter and cooler brushed aluminum and the darker warmer Cocobolo. The other reason for the combination is contrast between the uniform color of the aluminum against the strikingly varied Cocobolo. The single board of Cocobolo chosen for the project is old growth which had been cut for more then 25 years minimizing our impact on the current logging market for this species. Because of the elaborate grain pattern of the wood, which we wanted to capitalize on, we re-sawed the board and book matched the sides and top. The top and sides were joined to create a sense of continuity allowing the grain to flow from these elements.

Elter Ocassional Table 1

Elter Ocassional Table 1

Elter Ocassional Table
Seamless and shape-shifting, the Elter range of tables re-invent themselves from every angle. Inspired by discarded stone in a Lakeland quarry and crafted in Corian®, their timeless, ethereal quality, makes them statement pieces.

The play of light on their interlocking planes gives them a sculptural quality. From every angle the perspective changes: moving forward into space or suddenly shrinking back, an effect created by the luminosity of the mineral and polymer resin used in their construction. The void in the centre of each table focuses and disperses light, giving them an air of intimacy and secrecy and inviting the eye to explore. While the apparent simplicity of their construction gives them an evolved look that reflects the tranquillity of nature.

British manufactured and hand-finished each piece comes in a range of colours.

Material: Corian®
Colours: Designer White | Pearl Grey | Medea
Dimensions: L: 580mm W: 420mm H:400mm

resin coffee tables

resin coffee tables

Prospect Hill Weather-Resistant Outdoor Resin Wicker Coffee Table with Powder-Coated Aluminum Frame, in Light Brown

This Prospect Hill table is ideal for leisurely outdoor living. Each piece of our Prospect Hill Weather-Resistant Outdoor Wicker Coffee Table is quality constructed of PVC resin wicker, tightly hand woven onto fully welded, powder-coated aluminum frames for exceptional strength and weather resistance. Prop up your feet while you entertain on your patio, deck or porch easier with this durable wicker coffee table. Durable wicker coffee table is perfect for porch, patio or deck.Includes bottom shelves for extra storage and inset, tempered-glass tabletops.

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