Montego Turned Leg Rectangular Table

montego turned leg rectangular table

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montego turned leg rectangular table - Ellis Curtain

Ellis Curtain Montego Stripe Tie-Up Valance Window Curtain, Black

Ellis Curtain Montego Stripe Tie-Up Valance Window Curtain, Black

Montego Stripe Tie-Up Valance--Stripes can change the look and feel of any room or space in your home. Stripe patterns that use tones from the same color family create a crisp visual interest that coordinates wonderfully with solid colors and many contrasting patterns. The Montego Stripe is a small scale multi colored vertically-oriented stripe pattern that draw the eyes up, and create the illusion of more height in the room. The soft 100% cotton duck fabric creates a softer texture and smoother draping effect that some times can't be achieved with inferior synthetic fabrics. The Tie-Up Valance is one piece valance with two strap ties sewn into a decorative 3 inch rod pocket for easy hanging. Length is measured overall 24-inch from header top to bottom of panel; width is measured overall 60-inch. The Montego Stripe Tie-Up Valance can be combined with matching Montego Stripe Tailored Pair of Drape Panels and Tailored Tier Curtains that are available thru Amazon. Also available, matching Toss Pillows, 3 piece Lined Swag Curtain Set, Shower Curtain, Bed Comforters and Shams in all sizes. Made in the USA, Dry clean only

77% (13)

Montego Bay beach

Montego Bay beach

Montego Bay - Jamaica

Em dia de chuva e frio um pouco de Sol:):)

Montego Bay

Montego Bay

Montego Bay in West Wendover, Nevada

montego turned leg rectangular table

montego turned leg rectangular table

Texsport Montego Bay Hammock

Ever since we introduced the Padre Island® Hammock, almost 25 years ago, we have been committed to continually offering quality hammocks and stands at affordable prices.

Texsport offers a wide array of outdoor products, but the company is particularly well-known for its hammocks. Its first model, the Padre Island, was released nearly 25 years ago, and Texsport continues to produce durable, comfortable options for lovers of outdoor relaxation.
The Montego Bay measures 31-by-110 inches (W x D) overall, with a 30-by-80-inch (W x D) sleeping surface and 225-pound weight limit. It's lightweight despite its durable knitted polypropylene rope construction, high-impact plastic spreader bars, and metal suspension rings.

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