Glass table dining room set. Wooden sofa table.

Glass Table Dining Room Set

glass table dining room set

    dining room
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  • A room in a house or hotel in which meals are eaten

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Cheese Trolley

Cheese Trolley

If I hadn't been advised by CW to order the Assiette de l’Aubergine (for two) (this is only on the a la carte menu), I would have gone for the delicious assortment of cheeses I saw paraded in front of me (at both our neighbouring tables). Many French, some English, and a bunch of raw milk cheeses. Sigh...

You can see this VIP table sipping on the the pre-dessert amuse and also too many glasses of wine.

Dining Room Set

Dining Room Set

Beautiful Cherry Dining Room Set (discount available if purhased as a set):
Table + 2 leaf extensions, custom made table cover, and 6 chairs - $250.00
China Cabinet - $150.00
Server - $50.00
(Please Note: There's a glass water mark on the table, and some minor scratches on the hutch)

glass table dining room set

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